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Inspired by Thierno Thiam's real life story who illegally arrives to Rome with the dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Billo (Thierno Thiam), a young man from Senegal, who had always wanted to be a fashion designer and had been put to work in his uncle's garment business from a very young age. His mother and him have always been the black sheep in the family. Thierno and his beautiful cousin Fatou have been in love since they were children. Her parents even consider her marrying her never-do-well cousin. Thierno decides he must leave Senegal to raise his status. He makes his way to Rome where he is renamed Billo. He soon finds both work and shelter. Religiously, he sends money back home. He struggles at first but eventually hooks up with a group of Italians who are fun where he meets Laura, an Italian girl. It doesn't take long for them to embark in a full-fledged affair. A call from Senegal arrives, everything is ready for his upcoming wedding. He feels  obliged do so as his feelings for Fatou are still strong. But Billo is not  ready to settle down in Senegal; he flies back to Rome leaving Fatou in a flood of tears. When he is back in Rome he finds out that Laura is pregnant and doesn’t want to see him anymore. Can two families be kept separate or should they be brought back together? Is having a black family in Africa and a white family in Europe possible? 



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GIORNI (2001)

Claudio is a 35 year old bank manager, who has been HIV positive for ten years. He is in a relationship with Dario and lives with him. His days are inevitably marked by his medication, hospital checkups and his work. One night Claudio meets Andrea and realizes he is attracted to him. There is something not quite right about Andrea’s personality which keeps Claudio away from him; he lets himself go and all the rules and restrictions which set a pattern to his life, become superfluous. For a while, Claudio experiences a carefree way of life. But fear slowly insinuates into Claudio’s mind and brings him back to reality. Claudio runs away from Andrea. For about one year Claudio doesn't hear from him. His life goes back to normal, he has moved to a different city and found a new job. The news of Andrea’s death is casual and sudden, leaving Claudio with unanswered questions.

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